Do I require any previous training?

No. The courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know. Courses involving computer work will require you to know the very basic functions of a computer.

What age must I be to enrol?

Learners of all ages are welcome. If they can understand the websites and program overview they should be able to understand the material and will therefore be eligible.

Who are the Tutors

Online learners receive instruction and assistance from International expert tutors who are experienced and practicing professionals. Tutors are appropriately qualified for the level which they instruct.

How may I contact the Tutor?

Learners communicate with their tutors using the SDC Online messaging service. In rare cases where a tutor has not responded learners may also contact the tutor directly by email or may contact their study assistance at:

How is it possible to do a Practical Course online?

Easy with technology! Learners are advised to purchase a simple A4 scanner or a digital camera and so practical work is sent by Jpeg image by uploading onto the SDC system via your profile.

May I enrol in more than 1 course at a time?

Many learners do as they wish to enter their new careers with as much experience as possible. Certain programs are complimentary - such as 'Fine Arts' & 'Graphic Design' or 'How to use your Sewing Machine' & 'Fashion Design'.

When can I enrol?

Applications are open all year so you may enrol at any time.

Is SDC Online Accredited?

SDC is owned by ECD Societa which is a registered Company in Italy, Europe and registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a Private Higher Education Provider. Italian law protects the right of Private Universities to offer education to International learners up to and including an Undergraduate level without registration with the Italian Education Department. This is enforced to allow learners to join such Institutes without having to prove Italian language ability such as other typical State Universities. Italy, being an EU member therefore enjoys the privileges and benefits of lateral Higher Education dissemination and articulation. This means that qualifications awarded by SDC Online are recognised across Europe and all countries around the world which recognise European Foreign Qualifications. Learners regularly choose to have their qualification officially recognised within their own country and do so by submitting their certification, transcript and any other necessary documents to the relevant qualifications authority. Most learners prefer to rather seek professional association or guild membership once qualified - which assists them in their career endeavours. SDC has educated over 4500 learners from around the world and with its proud 90% graduate employment rate the Institutes credibility and reputation are clearly, highly regarded within industry.

Do I need to be an artist, or be able to draw to complete these courses?

All the courses require creative flare from the learner but learners are not expected to be gifted artists. The learning material and tutors assist learners of all abilities.

I see that many of the course require some design software?

Yes. To be current in today's industry it is essential to know how to operate a CAD software applicable to your career choice. SDC courses include tutoring in all software and learners are required to have these programs if their chosen course requires it.

Where do I get the CAD (Computer aided software) from?

All the software taught by SDC is offered online for free for students in either trial or student licence option. Simply visit the Adobe and Autodesk websites to download your free version. Trial versions should only be downloaded when you progress to the CAD training modules of your program so that you don't run the risk of having your free trial expire before you complete this part of your course.div>

How long must I wait after submitting an assignment before I can progress to the next level of work?

Before you complete an assignment we suggest you request your next level of work so that you are ready to move on while you wait for your results. This way no time is wasted. Tutors can take a few hours to a few days to assess work especially if more then one assignment is submitted. If, however, you find you are waiting a little too long for your results simple send your learning assistant an email request:

How long does it take for a tutor to assess my work and before I receive my results?

Learners must remember that all work is assessed individually by experts of which many own or work within a design, photography or art business. For this reason learners are encouraged to be patient and may wait upto 3 weeks for their work to be assessed and for results to be submitted. In most cases the wait is shorter but dates that coincide with mid year or end of year examinations, summer or festive vacations, fashion showings or design exhibitions can cause learners to wait upto 3 weeks.

In some cases learners work is assessed by our tutors then moderated by an external moderator to ensure fair assessment. This can result in a longer waiting period but this form of assessment is usually reserved for important projects or assignments. Simply email your learning assistant if you feel you have waited too long for your results.

How much must I score to pass an assignment?

SDC requires a 50% pass rate for SDC online learners. In some cases tutors may require learners to re-submit work if it does not meet a high enough standard..

Am I able to complete the entire course sooner then the recommened time?

Absolutely! Some learners free up their calendar for a few months and dedicate themselves into their course and complete a 240 credit Diploma in 6 months. Bare in mind that this requires extensive hours that probably matches the number of hours you would need if you spent 2 years completing the course.

May I work through 1 module at a time?

Learners may complete 1 to 3 modules at a time. Modules are different fields of study within the course so studying 2 or 3 at a time helps to keep the course more interesting for you and attempting a few different assignments prevents you from waiting long between assessments.

What if I am having difficulty understand something?

That's what we're here for! You don't enter the course as a professional designer or photographer so its our job to get you there. Simply contact your tutors with your questions and problems and they will assist you.

How does SDC authenticate learners practical work?

Simply click on the declaration when uploading work and as this is legally binding we are assured then that the work you are submitting in your own. Tutors also often request copies of learners workbook (sketch/note pad) sent digitally to prove the learners thought process, conceptualising and rough work.

Can I buy one course and share with some friends or people at work?

No, as tutors guide you each step of the way each course is designed for one learner. SDC learning material may not be copied or distributed.

Can I get a refund if I buy a course and discover its not for me?

Unfortunately SDC does not offer refunds and we therefore encourage you to read through all the material and even email and ask us as many questions as you wish if you are unsure.

Can I choose to continue with a second level Diploma course after completing the Certificate course?

Absolutely! Some learners first wish to try out a certificate to see if they enjoy the course and if its really for them. After realising this they soon decide to continue onto the second and third level Diploma, BA Degree.

If I choose to continue onto a Diploma or Degree after completing a certificate course will I need to repeat level 1 or anything I have already learned.

No. The certificate course will qualify you for advancing onto level 2. You will simply progress to level 2 and 3 after that.

Should my level of English be very good to complete an SDC online course?

A basic English language capability is required. The learner should be able to communicate and complete assignments in English. Learners that require online language tuition can enrol in our EAP (English for Academic Purposes) course..

Can I contact other SDC online students?

Check out the SDC blog 'Xpresso Fix' and friend the SDC Facebook page to connect to 1000's of past and current SDC learners from around the world.
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